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Effortlessly showcase and manage your events on your Webflow website.
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Power-up your website with our Eventbrite to Webflow integration.

Real-Time Event Sync

As soon as any event is created or updated in Eventbrite, it will instantly sync to your Webflow site for real-time accuracy across platforms.

Customizable Field Mapping

Choose which Eventbrite event fields sync to your Webflow collections. Map any data points between platforms for complete control over how information flows to your site.

Multiple CMS Collections

Sync different aspects of your events into tailored Webflow collections. Keep Events, Tickets, Venues, and Organizers separated and organized.

Free Template Library

Hit the ground running with our library of free Webflow templates and components for event sites. Customize the designs and structures to fit your brand.

Unlimited Connections

Integrate as many Eventbrite and Webflow accounts as you need. Set up unlimited data connections to give you complete flexibility.

Unlimited Integrations

No restrictions on how many Eventbrite and Webflow accounts you can link. Integrate all of your event platforms and CMSs with ease.

Embedded Checkout

Let attendees purchase tickets directly through the embedded Eventbrite checkout on your Webflow site. No need to link out.

Recurring Event Handling

For recurring Eventbrite events, Briteflow will automatically create the associated event instances in Webflow. Ongoing events stay up-to-date across all occurrences.
Coming soon

Conditional Syncing

Configure filters to only transfer events to Webflow that meet your criteria - like category, date range, venue, etc.
Coming soon

Webflow Form Integration

Create Eventbrite events directly from Webflow form entries. Streamline your data workflows.
Coming soon

Flexible pricing

Choose a plan that fits your event integration needs. Pricing is per connection, there is no limit of how many connections you can have. Questions? Contact us.
For events without complex structures.
  • Field mapping customization
  • Eventbrite embedded checkout
  • Automated event updates
  • Real-time data synchronization
Coming soon
For all event types.
  • All in Essential
  • Recurring events referencing
  • Multiple collection capability
  • Event series functionality
Coming soon